Monday, March 21, 2011

Heading towards the end of iv's

So I'm now only a couple of days away from the end of iv's and steroids. At this point in the process I'd hope to have improved and thankfully I feel I have. I've been pushing the exercise within the last two weeks, taking my portable o2 concentrator to the gym and trying to get my lungs working. I feel better, I'll never feel normal, but I feel better. The trouble now will be the comedown after steroids and iv's, hopefully it won't be too much of a comedown and I'll hopefully sustain this level of health for a while. Last week I was feeling pessimistic, but tonight I feel optimistic. The changing nature of my outlook really does exemplify the changing nature of CF, one day you can feel ok, the next your chest is full of gunk, bleeds and breathlessness. In some ways its like Glasgow weather, its generally shit, but occasionally you have a great day and you think 'wow, if only this could last a while', but then it doesn't and it starts sleeting in the middle of June.

Anyway, its almost been two weeks of pretty much dedication to medication. But if you wanna be the best and you wanna beat the rest, oooh, medications what you need. Although it has been pretty much medication, gym and activity for the last two weeks, I have done other stuff too. Went to see Russell Kane on Friday, he was very good. I also went to a party Saturday night. One of Elaine's friends turned 30. Funny thing was that there were only two guys at the party, me being one of them and at one point I thought I was going to be the only guy. For the brief time I was there as the only male representative I quite liked being the 'eye candy', it doesn't happen all that often. However, after about an hour the other guy turned up and he was taller and probably more handsome, I soon turned into the small skinny, runty one. Still the ratio of 7 girls to every guy is better than average.

In the past week I also went to a charity comedy show in aid of PATH at The Stand . Please check them out.

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