Thursday, February 10, 2011

Gigs, Gym and something else that starts with 'G''s been a horrible winter. I was couped in the house for months. It was just too cold to go outside, i just couldn't breathe. Christmas was kinda cancelled, as was New Year. The festive season was disrupted by horrendous weather and terrible illness (luckily not me, but the rest of my family), much disappointment. The weather seemed to have more influence over my quality of life than CF did. Having said that, perhaps if I had good lungs I could have done more.

However, I wake today and the sun is out, it's a pretty day. I've got hopes that the winter is over, it's just gone on too long. At least I'll be able to go outside and enjoy decent weather for once. There have been days of occasionally niceness, but even in that niceness you know it is only a fleeting moment of goodness in a harsh winter.

So what with the weather getting better life returns back to normal. I'm now back at Citizens Advice. I took a wee break during the winter. I've also joined a gym. I've often belonged to a gym, but mine closed 18months ago and I've never found another one.....until now. Whilst my health had been stable I felt my exercise capability has been much reduced. Only a month ago I went for a 15 minute walk (by my already poor standards), it took me 50mins with the stopping and starting. I also had oxygen on, but I could barely move or breathe. I decided I needed to join a gym. Within only a weeks of joining the gym I already feel better, my figures may not be better, but I feel I am. Sadly, in contrast to feeling better, I think the added pressure has caused me to cough up blood again. Since joining the gym I've almost coughed up blood everyday. I now have to weigh up the cost of producing blood against feeling better.

I'm not one for New Years resolutions, if you want to change something you just do it, you don't need a date or some sort ceremonial occurrence for changing things in your life. For a while I've been planning to go to more gigs and get out a wee bit more. As a student I went to gigs all the time, surrounded myself with smoke and drowned myself in alcohol. Maybe many look back at their student days as their favourite days and want to recapture the days that brought joy, a little fun and a bit of unpredictability. Ok, now there will be less smoke when I go out, there will also be less alcohol, but i love music and I need to get out there and listen to more. Went to see the 'Burns Unit', hoping to see 'Admiral Fallow', 'Ben Folds' and 'Cold War Kids'. I've also got tickets to see Russell Kane and Tim Minchin. I leave you with a link to the master Ben Folds in his 'Ben Folds Five' days. Enjoy.

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