Thursday, January 20, 2011

Funny Episodes (2)

Ok, so it's fair to say I won't be winning any awards for the best blog of the year. Unless of course I post something really, really insightful, something really ground breaking in one of my posts. Maybe somehow through my musings I'll discover the reason for living, or accidentally uncover the explanation to the JFK assassination. Point is, I really should post more. Not that I'm looking for awards or anything, but if you have one handy?

Anyway....I left you with a cliff-hanger, I say cliff-hanger, I think with the amount of time between blogs you will have definitely lost strength to hang onto that cliff and will have fallen to your death. However, despite my poor ability to update the blog, I will continue.

Yes, a diagnosis. Well, after having suffered more of these episodes, one of which occurred while out and about, I decided to push the doctors again on the matter. So I spoke to one of my CF Doctors we will call him Dr Biscuit, it's not his name, but it allows him to remain anonymous. Dr Biscuit was intrigued by the reports of my blurry vision and so he had me admitted and referred to another Neurologist Consultant. We will call the Neurologist Consultant, Doctor Nintendo. Anyway, after listening to my symptoms Doctor Nintendo decided I was suffering from migraines. From this point on I was given a new drug to try to see if it alleviated my symptoms and reduced the occurrence of the migraines.

Now, this drug duloxeitine is generally used for depression, but apparently also helps with migraines. I don't suffer from depression, although I do wonder whether I get SAD. However, living in Scotland this winter will not have helped any ones mood this winter, it was grim. I have digressed. Duloxetine caused me a few problems, firstly I puked for the first week of trying it, so I altered the time I took it to late on in the day. Changing the time of the drug only resulted in insomnia for a week, I had about 3hrs sleep everyday that week - nasty! Eventually an anti-sickness drug was prescribed, it's an anti-sickness drug they give to people with chemotherapy. Once I started taking the anti-sickness drug, everything seem to settle, no puking, no insomnia and no puking whilst suffering from insomnia.

I still have these funny episodes, but the symptoms are milder (funny vision, pins and needles in arms, legs and tummy and a splitting headache) and I am calmer when they occur. In fact, I'm seeing the neurologist soon to discuss how they've been and to discuss the response to the drug. In recent times I've also become aware of anecdotal evidence that other CF people suffer similar symptoms, and that research has been done on it, so I may well discuss this with Dr Nintendo. One thing these migraines have done is added more drugs to my already extensive drug card, I now have over 26 drugs on a daily basis - beat that! I'm so proud of my mangled body.

OK, now onto something slightly more interesting. As you may or may not know, I love football. However, due to my rubbish lung I never quite made it as the next Maradona, although I have tried to emulate his great drug taking (although mine are legal). In the last few months I have created my own football team, no computer based management for me, I am manager of Scotstoun Park Galaxy. We have had three games so far, lost two, drawn one. It's early days and we are playing established teams, so we hope to do better. In fact we have a game this weekend. We are sponsored by the 'CF Trust', and 'Live Life Then Give Life'. I say sponsored, I asked them both if we could use their logo on our football tops.

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