Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Substantial post?

I may as well get something on the way here, something that isn't so vague as the intro, something more substantial about me. Anways...It's 2pm and I still haven't washed. This isn't a habit of mine, but it's quickly turning into one. I can feel 'the beano' green cartoon lines of stench radiate from my body and it's not a pleasant feeling. Having said that my cat (Amie) is particularly smelly of late, so I don't feel so bad. Everything is comparative and frankly I'm not as smelly as my cat. However, everyone can put up with their own body odours better than they can others and so maybe I'm smellier than I think. That's not to say that ones own personal odours don't occasionally lead to regurgitation,of course they do! I should point out that cats don't have the same kind of luxury when it comes to cleaning products, I have face wash, shower gel, deodorant, toothpaste etc and she just has a tongue. So it really is an unfair comparison, but for the moment it feels like I'm not such a slob.

I've done my physio this morning, so at least that's something. For those who are just dropping by I should quickly alert you to that fact I have a condition called Cystic Fibrosis (CF), you can read about it here: http://cftrust.org.uk Overtime you will see that CF plays a role in my life, ultimately affecting each day, from the everyday logistics of planning a day to helping form the distinct perspective I have on life and the events around me.

So what have we learned from my first 'substantial post'? I have some sort of health condition and that I seem quite keen to talk about body odours and body functions. I think I've managed to sum myself up pretty well. Take care and pop back soon.


Jac said...

Welcome to the world of blogging! That was a very informative post Anders. I feel a lot more at one with the world now I am aware of your washing habits (or lack of).

Hope you are well!
Jac x

Fi said...

Well look at you aren't you fancy ;) Love the photos, I'm sure you're not really that good looking though are you? I suspect a photoshop job ;)

Go wash


Nicola said...

Have to agree with Jac on that one,very informative.I'm a fine one to talk,when I am still in pyjamas,of course the difference being I don't smell.

Welcome to Blog!!!

Nic x.

Emmie said...

Great to see you entering the big wide world of blogging. Can't wait to see more. On comparing the two photos I can see very little change in you other than a wee bit more facial hair. Hope you are less smelly now. May be you should bath the cat too? :-D xxx