Tuesday, October 03, 2006

It's only the beginning


So here it is, a small but momentous moment for the literature world. Here is an opportunity for me to publicly voice my ill judged misgivings and to demonstrate my poor comprehension of the world around me, how could I pass up such an opportunity?

This is also a chance for some to catch up on what I'm doing without having to go through the pain of talking to me face to face. Follow the ups, the downs and the plateaus, from the vaguely interesting to the the not so interesting, it might or might not be here in my blog.

Anyways, thanks for dropping by. I only hope my blog can be as interesting as some others i've read.


Jayne said...

I thought that you had mad hair on this pic. Then I realised after much staring and things that actually, the person behind you has creases under their armpit and makes it look as if you have mental tufts of hair. Have a look.. see?

Anders Gibson said...

Ta Jayne, Ta.

Tori said...

When did you start a blog? I haven't read it yet but interesting!!